I am getting activity according to my feed and blog stats, so I’m curious if anyone is out there, lurking around after a post I made in Jarurary. If in case, let me know in the comments, and maybe we can bring Connect Camp up and running :).

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What is ConnectCamp 2007?

Connect Camp 2007 is an unconference all about, Social Media, the internet and technology in general. But it’s more than that. ConnectCamp is based off of a barcamp, which is a group of conferences where there are three ideas in mind:

-Those who come participate: Participating could be blogging the event, doing a session, or something else similar.

– If your speaking, probably 90% of your audience knows more that you.

and finally:

-With that in mind, Barcamps don’t have seminars they have sessions. The difference? Semiars are talking at people, sessions are talking to people.

I definitely think I overlooked those last two in my talk at the beginning of BarCampJacksonville, it’s important to the success of the barcamp in my opinion.

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming event!

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